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Name: Seraphiel
Angel of: Love, Light, Fire & Silence
Gender: Femme
Orientation: Masculine
Age: Eons
Species: Seraph
Stature: 6'0
Build: Junoesque, sinewy
Scent: Summer rain & incense
Skin-Tone: Moonglow
Hair-Color: White gold
Hair-Length: Mid back
Eyes: Full of faded sky


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Hell hath no Fury like I

Protector of Metatron, she holds the highest office of seraph. As chief of the seraphs, Seraphiel is regarded as the most powerful angel in God's army and as a seraph, her wings are gloriously lethal to behold. Even the highest ranking of angels must be wary when gazing upon her. Regaling her lord with songs and teaching verses to her subordinates, Seraphiel is blessed with the power of silence in her arsenal of fire and light. Burdened with the glorious honor of being throne to God, Seraphiel is also notoriously known for her love of literature, leading her to be the unofficial librarian of heaven.