Born to Emperor and Empress Oshima, little Ayame grew up in the palace with her family and servants, constantly waited upon and pampered for her every need.


She's softly spoken and kindly natured.

The Heart That Was Stolen

Who could love a soul like mine?

Acquired Friendlies

- Kyouya -
- The High General -
A man Ayame would have sworn she knew for all of her life, only to be proven wrong at the most unopportune time - her only home under siege and taken right in front of her lilac eyes. Ayame suspects he scoffs at her weakness and inability to properly care for herself, feeling himself bound to her without his consent to be a burden. While completely indebted to him, she can't help but feel that perhaps releasing him from his binding to her wouldn't be such a bad option.

- Name -
- Title -

Out Of Royalty

1: Character is mine, pictures are not.
2: Smut at my discretion.
3: Harassment is not tolerated.
4: Do I have Skype/Discord? Yes. Will I give them to you? Probably not.
5: IC is not OoC. Don't mix them.
6: I play this character how I choose. Don't critique me.
7: I am 100% IC all the time.
8: Have fun.

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Royal File

Name Ayame Oshima
Alias Ayame-hime, Princess Ayame, Aya
Gender Female
Age Mid 20's
Height 5'7"
Orientation Straight
Relationship Single
Eyes Lilac
Hair Lavender
Protector Kyouya
Status Healthy